Complaints procedure

We are committed to providing a high quality rehabilitation service to all our patients but when something goes wrong, we would like to know about it and would be grateful if you would tell us to help us to improve our standards.

We are sorry that you are considering making a complaint as we value our relationship with you and the quality of the service we offer very highly. Be assured that we will thoroughly investigate your complaint and take any appropriate action to rectify the problem that has occurred.

Any complaint regarding a clinical issues or treatment should be directed to the treating therapist. Whether this is formally or informally, it is hoped that any problems could be resolved with discussion with your therapist. We do understand that this isn’t always easy or possible and if this is the case please email us at


Please include:

  • A brief background leading up to the complaint

  • Who was involved, date and time

  • Precisely what your complaint is

  • What action you would like us to take to resolve it

Any formal/written complaints are logged and brought to the attention of the appropriate member of staff.   You will receive a letter or email of acknowledgment within two working days and, where deemed appropriate, a telephone call to clarity any points.