Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy provides specialised rehabilitation for individuals with problems arising from conditions or injury affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Symptoms may include weakness, spasticity, stiffness, altered sensation, dizziness, pain, fatigue and reduced coordination or balance; all of which may change the way you move.

The team at NeuroConnect Rehabilitation are experts in treating neurological conditions. Our skills are used to recruit new brain pathways and to encourage the brain and spinal cord to make new connections for recovery. This is a process called neuroplasticity. Through movement analysis, skilled handling and exercise we are able to optimise your strength and function.


Neurological physiotherapists can help you:

  • Regain function you have lost

  • Improve your independence in managing day to day tasks

  • Gain strength

  • Improve the control of your movements

  • Move more efficiently leaving you with more energy to do other things

  • Improve your balance

  • Get fit through cardiovascular exercise

  • Become more flexible

  • Improve your walking be it speed, stability and/or distance


Our specialist services



Treatments are personalised to meet your requirements and goals you hope to achieve. Examples of treatments offered include:

  • Hands on treatment to improve the quality of movement 

  • Personalised exercise programmes

  • Improving your walking 

  • Upper limb rehabilitation 

  • Clinical Pilates

  • Management of spasticity 

  • Strengthening weak muscles 

  • Vestibular rehabilitation for dizziness and imbalance.

  • Splinting to help movement or provide a stretch

  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation

Increasing activity


At NeuroConnect Rehabilitation we understand that the abilities of people with neurological conditions often change due to development of the condition, an acute illness or through advancing age.  

Research has shown that increasing activity can enhance physical, social and mental well-being.  We have the skills and expertise to help you achieve a more active lifestyle.


We can provide advice and support to help increase your activity levels and prescribe exercise programmes to do at home, outdoors or at a local gym.


Recovery after a hospital admission can take a long time.


With our experience in acute medicine and inpatient hospital rehabilitation, you can be confident that we are able to help you as soon as you are discharged from hospital. You may be on a waiting list for NHS physiotherapy or treatment may have ended before you felt ready.

With our specialist skills in exercise prescription understanding of the impact of muscle weakness and fatigue we are able to help you recover from the long term effects of Covid-19 infection


The team at NeuroConnect can offer physiotherapy when and where you need it.


We offer advice and assessment for walking aids and the most effective equipment to make daily life and movement easier and safer.  


This may also include:

  • Exercise equipment 

  • Adaptive equipment for the home

  • Insoles and orthotics

  • Electrical stimulators for exercise or walking (FES) including Bioness L300 Go

  • The MindMotion™ GO, a medical software device that supports the physical neuro-rehabilitation of adults at home


Optimising recovery after hospital admission

Advice on aids and equipment

Training for carers


You may need the support of family or carers to help you in your rehabilitation.


Our physiotherapists can provide training to help others care for you. This may be through teaching stretching exercises or demonstrating ways to help you move.


We can visit residential and care homes, providing support and education to members of staff and provide rehabilitation on site as required.

Reports and referrals


Our team of physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of local and national specialist neurological services. We can make recommendations and complete NHS and private referrals as required.


Examples of these specialist services include: spasticity clinic, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, orthotics clinic, neuropsychology and nurse specialists.


We can provide reports summarising our assessment findings, treatment provided and our recommendations.

How the sessions work

Initial assessment

Your initial session will involve a discussion about the history of your condition and the difficulties you are having. We will complete a comprehensive assessment, analysing the movements and activities you wish to improve.

We work with you to form a physiotherapy plan based on your rehabilitation goals. This will include hands-on treatment, provision of an individualised exercise programme and advice.

You will not need to provide any equipment. Wearing loose clothing and comfortable shoes is advisable to enable you to move freely.

Follow-up Appointments

Treatment sessions can take place in your home, remotely using videoconference or in environments such as your local pool or gym. 

Session frequency will be guided by you and your goals.