Conditions we treat

At NeuroConnect Rehabilitation we can work with you to help manage and improve symptoms related to a wide range of conditions including:

  • Ataxia

  • Bell’s Palsy and facial weakness from other causes

  • Brain Injury

  • Brain Tumours

  • Cerebral Palsy (adults)

  • Functional Neurological Symptoms

  • General mobility problems

  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome

  • Head Injury

  • Huntington’s Disease

  • Immobility following hospital admission

  • Long Covid

  • Motor Neurone Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Muscular Dystrophy

  • Neuromuscular Conditions and Neuropathies

  • Older Persons' Rehabilitation

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Stroke

  • Transverse Myelitis

  • Vestibular and Balance Conditions

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