How NeuroConnect Rehabilitation can help recovery from Covid-19

Recovery time from acute Covid-19 is different for everyone. For most people symptoms will resolve by 12 weeks but for some there will be new or ongoing symptoms after this time, this is called post Covid-19 syndrome or Long Covid. The likelihood of developing Long COVID-19 is not thought to be related to how severe the initial infection was.

Long Covid-19 symptoms can include fatigue, headache, flu like symptoms, joint pain, dizziness, problems sleeping, nausea or ‘brain fog’. Activity, which could be physical, mental (active thinking) and emotional can bring on or worsen these symptoms at the time or even a few days later. There is growing research evidence that this is due to the immune system response to the initial infection not returning to normal levels. For these people advice is to cautiously introduce activity and follow the three P’s: Plan, Pace and Prioritise. NeuroConnect physiotherapists are experts in fatigue management as these principles are required in many neurological conditions.

For some people their ongoing fatigue and weakness or stiffness is not due to an abnormal immune response but due to the enforced inactivity during the acute period of illness. 

Restarting exercise can feel challenging because it may bring on breathlessness and increased heart rate which can cause anxiety and distress.  


Therefore, before we get people exercising, it’s important to be sure that it is going to be safe and effective. For this reason, the Physiotherapists at NeuroConnect will complete an evaluation of your cardiac and respiratory function as well as of your strength and movement before, during and after exercise. 


We will help you to plan your exercise and daily activity and give support to avoid and manage symptoms. With our expert skills in movement we can help you to find the best exercise and activity to drive your recovery, how best to do these movements considering your weaknesses and posture and use our hands on skills to further speed up recovery.  


Please contact us to see how we can help you. 

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